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Children are like sponges, give them a good laugh while they learn something and they will soak it up. This is not 'traditional martial arts' where you do what you're told, bow every two seconds and do millions of knuckle push-ups (though they will do their fair share). Martial arts have evolved. As professional teachers we believe that the best way for your child to learn is to have fun while they do it. This does not mean that it's an easy road but it is one your child will enjoy and want to do again and again.  


KMA Midland promotes hard work, respect, team work and of course discipline. We offer your child a place they can gain confidence and skills which they can have for life and a mindset that they can do anything they put their mind to. More than that though, a belief in themselves that they will have forever and could quite possibly change their whole course in life! 

Your child will be pushed. They will be challenged. They may even have a day where they don't want to train! But we can tell you now, from experience, that martial arts will make them more confident and stronger than they have ever been in their lives.  



With 20 years experience in martial arts under his belt, Dion is a most well respected coach. 

Passionate and caring, Dion is one of the most technical Ju-jitsu coaches in Perth and this is proven with many of his students, adults and kids, going on to win state competitions.



Having found martial arts at a young age, Slade started martial arts and never looked back.

With belts and competition experience in various martial arts and having trained all around the world, Slade brings a lot of experience and passion to pass on to your child. 


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